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The Bahamas Historical Society also published the following title, an interesting source text for early 19th-century Bahamian history, which can be purchased at the museum's book shop, along with many other titles on Bahamian history:

The Bahamas Historical Society (ed.) Nassau, Bahamas 1823-4: The Diary of a Physician from the United States Visiting the Island of New Providence. Nassau: The Bahamas Historical Society, 1968.


In 2007, the Bahamas Historical Society began to record the lectures at its meetings on video. Some of these videos are for sale in the museum's shop, some are made available to researchers in our library, while others are available online through services such as Google Video... more details here.

In Loving MemoryE-Book

NEW! Paul Aranha's In Loving Memory: A 2005 Guide to Inscriptions on Graves in St. Matthew's Cemetery, the Jewish Cemetery, the Eastern Cemetery and the Centre Burial Ground is now available as an e-book on CD... more details here.

The Bahamas Historical Society publishes an annual Journal. Since 1979, every volume features a wide variety of scholarly articles on subjects of Bahamian history.

We are providing visitors to our website with a complete table of contents for the Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society. If you are interested in purchasing any issues of the Journal, please contact the society.

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