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Bahamas DNA Project
President: Mrs. Andrea Major
1st Vice President: Mr. Anthony Roberts
2nd Vice President: Dr. Vernell Allen, MBE
Treasurer: Subrenna Higgs
Recording Secretary: Vernita Johnson, LVO
Corresponding Secretary: Jim Lawlor

Dr. D. Gail Saunders, OBE
Mrs. Virginia Ballance
Mr. Jamaal J. Miller
Mrs. Clarice Granger, OBE
Sir Orville Turnquest, GCMG, QC
Capt. Chris Lloyd

Management Committee:

Mrs. Beryl Strachan
Mrs. Jane Lloyd
Mrs. Dawn Davies
Dr. Ronald Knowles
Mrs. Joan Clarke
Mr. Thomas Wardle
Mrs. Valda Feldman
Mrs. Anne Lawlor

Editorial Committee: Mrs. Anne Lawlor (Editor)
Mr. Jim Lawlor (Editor)
Dr. D. Gail Saunders, OBE
Mrs. Andrea P. Major
Mrs. Cora Carey
Ms. Chantal Curtis
Volunteers: Vienna Johnson
Dolly Foster
Dr. Vernell Allen MBE
Jim Lawlor
Anthony Roberts
Vernita Johnson
Kay Evans
Sarah Oenbring
Cora Carey
Keva Lawrence
Vivienne Ferguson
Daphne Knowles Thoma
Jamaal Miller (I.T, Facebook, Newsletters)
Robert Dorsett (YouTube, Facebook)
Jane Lloyd (IODE Research, Writing and Display)